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  1. frywad answered: Run the Jewels. Earl Sweatshirt (for real this time), Death Grips again, The Eric Andre Show, Ratatat, Samiyam, Thee Oh Sees, DiarrheaPlanet+
  2. jmg-7 answered: MIA SANTIGOLD M83
  3. lunabambii69 answered: Elton John!
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  5. childrenofadam said: Daft Punk - Prince - Mumford and Sons. Or just Daft Punk all 4 nights.
  6. runswithleaves said: Die antwoord
  7. aroundroundround answered: lady gaga!
  8. rleija33 answered: Lana Del Rey
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  10. ophelia-mj answered: VAMPIRE WEEKEND!!!
  11. thesego211 said: Can we all come to peace with Kanye already and have him back please?!
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