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  1. tooooohigh answered: azealia banks
  2. rrealtrap answered: yeah yeah yeahs and outkast!
  3. philosophicalslacker answered: MUMFORD AND SONS and Fall Out Boy
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  5. helloseano answered: Maybe try to bring back Mumford and Sons??
  6. experiencetheroo answered: Outkast
  7. le-sunfleur answered: Phil Collins!
  8. bored-eclectic-insomniac said: The black keys
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  10. brownfinches answered: daft punk y’all.
  11. mafe-1029 answered: you good to go I want to go sies bonnaro early because life is long
  12. zoomzoomnigga said: Outkast, Modest Mouse, Brand New, Grimes, Drake, Sigur Ros, Fall Out Boy, GIVERS, Death Cab for Cutie, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Tegan & Sara, Explosions in the Sky, CocoRosie, Listener, The Decembrists
  13. abbyelizabeth1994 answered: Mumford and Sons, of course!
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    Mumford and Sons!
  15. spiritual-realm answered: Led Zeppelin reunion! Slightly Stoopid, Ellie Goulding, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, it doesn’t really matter who is going I’ll still be there!
  16. static-wavves answered: mgmt vampire weekend arcade fire MUMFORD AND SONS!! born ruffians lana del rey cage the elephant would be sooo good!!
  17. theycallmejoemcdaniel said: Arctic Monkeys, kings of leon, and phish should headline. Grimes, phoenix, grouplove, lana del rey, conor oberst, circa survive, crystal castles, electric guest, the flaming lips, fleet foxes, modest mouse, mmj,More reggae and jam bands next year though!
  18. pressley answered: arcade fire
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  21. pinched-wicks answered: Rolling Stones, Zeppelin Reunion, The Who!
  22. kiwikeef said: Daft punk
  23. swollowing-dramamine said: Florence and the machine! Mumford! And modest mouse! Also, bear attack should be there!
  24. sheryandstuff answered: mumford
  25. killallwalkers91 said: Bloodhound gang!
  26. lazerparty answered: kanye west / daft punk
  27. growinggemini said: Lana Del Rey or Wiz Kahlifa!
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    Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Washed Out, Beach House, The National, Twin Shadow, Yeasayer, M83, Bastille, Arctic...
  29. thathippiemermaid answered: Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Washed Out, Beach House, The National, Twin Shadow, Yeasayer, M83, Bastille, Arctic Monkeys…just to name a few
  30. plainimpala answered: mgmt
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  32. cherokee-days answered: LANA. DEL. REY.
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